New Location and ALL Live Services.

God has provided a wonderful new facility for our church. We are now at the Midlothian Innovation Centre, Pentlandfield, Roslin, EH25 9RE. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome.
    10:00 AM Children's Sunday School & Adult/ Teen Bible Study
    11:00 AM Morning Worship Service
    5:15 PM Youth Choir Practice/ Adult Prayer Meeting
    6:00 PM Evening Worship Service
    7:00 PM Kid's Club & Adult/Teen Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Need transport to church? Please contact us.


What will you find at Free Baptist Church?

Free Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church that began in 2010. The church is a traditional church with a love for the solid foundation of the Word of God and the old time religion. We are unashamed of the Bible and use the King James Version. We sing from a hymnal with piano accompaniment. 
What you will find if you visit is a friendly congregation who are excited about God’s truth and have a deep desire to share that with all people. We teach the Word of God to all age groups. We have a well attended kid’s class that meets at 10:00 on Sundays and 6:00 on Thursdays.
We have church Bibles to share with our visitors and will give you a page number to help you find what we are studying on that day. 
If you have a question about our ministry, please contact our pastor, Benjamin Shore, at 0757 005 5211 or by email at

A traditional church with an affection for God and a grateful appreciation for His Word. A friendly congregation with heartfelt worship. Joyful Hymn singing with instrumental accompaniment. Bible preaching that is loving, truthful and without apology. A respect for the old paths and the King James translation.

Free Baptist Church

Meeting at the Midlothian Innovation Centre, Pentlandfield, Roslin, EH25 9RE.

Scottish Registered Charity No SC046125
01968381360, 0757 005 5211
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