Children's Holiday Bible Club, 27-30 July, 10:30-12:30, ages 5-12

Meeting in Person Sundays @ 5pm, 6pm

Visitors are welcome!
queries - 0757 005 5211,
    11:00 AM Bible Study (Zoom)
    5:00 PM Sunday School for Children/ Adults and Teens (Live)
    6:00 PM Worship Service (Live)
    6:00 PM Bible Study (Zoom)

What will you find at Free Baptist Church?

Free Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church that began in 2010. The church is a traditional church with a love for the solid foundation of the Word of God and the old time religion. We are unashamed of the Bible and use the King James Version. We sing from a hymnal with piano accompaniment. 
What you will find if you visit is a friendly congregation who are excited about God’s truth and have a deep desire to share that with all people. We teach the Word of God to all age groups. We have a well attended kid’s class that meets at 10:00 on Sundays and 6:00 on Thursdays.
We have church Bibles to share with our visitors and will give you a page number to help you find what we are studying on that day. 
If you have a question about our ministry, please contact our pastor, Benjamin Shore, at 0757 005 5211 or by email at

A traditional church with an affection for God and a grateful appreciation for His Word. A friendly congregation with heartfelt worship. Joyful Hymn singing with instrumental accompaniment. Bible preaching that is loving, truthful and without apology. A respect for the old paths and the King James translation.


Free Baptist Church

Meeting at the Glencorse Centre,

4 Firth Rd, Auchendinny, Penicuik EH26 0QZ

Scottish Registered Charity No SC046125
01968381360, 0757 005 5211
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