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Get Your Soil Right

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE   Date: 20 July, 2018 Text: Matthew 13 Title: Get Your Soil Tested Theme: The Gospel will only be fruitful in good soil. Proposition: Grow the Gospel in good soil.  Rhetorical: Can the Gospel flourish in your...
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Spiritual Help from God

PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE. Date: 6 July, 2018 Text: Colossians 1:9-11 Title: Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:   Not too long ago, I preached a message from a prayer of the Apostle Paul to the church at Ephesus. (Ephesians...
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Praise God!

Please click on this link to listen to this message....   Date: 29 June, 2018 Text: Psalm 100 Title: Praise is Comely for the Upright Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:   Ill. Ofen as I do evangelism I use painting as an illustration of...
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Prayer that Makes a Difference

Please click here to hear the audio from this message. Date:  Text: James 5:11-20 Title: Prayer that Makes a Difference Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:   Nelson's story - slingshot - looked everywhere - then prayed and he walked to it - prayer makes a...
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God's Giant Slayer

Date: 14 June, 2018 Text: The Story of David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17 Title: God's Giant Slayer Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:   As we come to our story this morning, we find David arriving in the valley of Elah.   I've been there - is is a valley...
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Pastor Stephen Nix

CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE Pastor Stephen Nix preaching on, "Who is Jesus to you?"
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Getting God's Grant

(Unfortunately we have no audio from this morning's message.) Date: 1 June, 2018 Text: Ephesians 3:14-21 Title: Getting God's Grant Theme: The Apostle's Paul's prayer for the church at Ephesus. Proposition: You need to get God's grant. Rhetorical: Have you received from the riches of...
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Esther 4, Why Don't You Fast

Please click this link if you would like to listen to this message.   Date: 24 May, 2018 Text: Esther 4 Title: Why Aren't You Fasting?   Introduction:   Abortion law referendum in Ireland. Les Hill requested that God's people fast and pray. For his encouragement I let...
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An Offering Acceptable - or Not?

 LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE  Date: 17 May, 2018 Text: Romans 12:1-2 Title: Sacrifice Acceptable - or Not? Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:    ill. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyaho - dinner with Jamapaneze Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Celebrity...
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Life Saving Spiritual Posture

Date:  10 May, 2018 Text: Numbers 16:41-50 Title: The Posture of the Prophet and Priest Theme: Proposition: Rhetorical: Introduction:   Posture is important - My mum used to get on me about standing up straight. I would say, "But that is the way my back is." I remember...
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